About InVS

Published on 07/12/2011

Fields of action

The missions of InVS cover all domains of public health:

infectious diseases

HIV infection, hepatitis B and C viruses, sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, foodborne diseases, zoonoses, vaccine preventable diseases, hospital-acquired infections and antimicrobial resistance, respiratory infections, seasonal and avian influenza, tropical diseases, and risks of imported diseases;

effects of the environment on health

risks related to air pollution, exposure to chemical toxic substances and ionising radiation, waterborne risks, physical hazards, risks related to extreme weather conditions, etc;

workplace risks

occupational cancers, effects of asbestos and artificial fibres, musculoskeletal disorders, morbidity associated with occupational exposures, etc;

chronic diseases and injuries

cancers, coronary heart disease, diabetes, nutrition, accidents and injuries, respiratory diseases, mental health, rare diseases, etc;

international and tropical diseases

infectious diseases in foreign countries that might affect French citizens or be imported (avian influenza, Ebola and yellow fever, arboviroses), diseases and threats concerning the French districts in the Americas: dengue fever, Chagas disease, pollution with pesticides or mercury, etc.

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